Why Airbyte and Its Technical Details

Selecting Airbyte was pivotal for its ease of deployment and in-memory processing capabilities, which align with our requirements for a secure and efficient data handling solution.

Airbyte Advantages: Perfect for quick deployment and in-memory data processing.

Understanding How Scraping Works: Airbyte's role in data integration is vital, streamlining the collection and consolidation of information.

  • Data Collection: Primarily driven by HTTP-API-based Sources, constituting 90% of our data collection method. Airbyte processes HTTPS API requests, accumulating responses in a buffer before relaying them to the intended destination.

  • Source Code: Discover more at the Airbyte GitHub Repository.

Exclusive In-Memory Storing: Emphasizing the security and integrity of data during processing through Airbyte's in-memory data management approach.

  • Temporary Storage: Airbyte Sources store data in a buffer until collection completion, then transmit to the Destination. Post-PII removal, data is relayed to Anecdote’s infrastructure through the Injection End Point.

  • In-Memory Processing: Ensures data security and integrity during record processing

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