Custom Airbyte Destination Development and Specifications

Implementing this solution necessitated the creation of a new Destination in Airbyte, designed for cleansing personal data and facilitating secure transmission through the Injection End Point. This section also covers the technical aspects of PII removal and the Injection End Point.

The PII Removal Process: Outlines the critical steps in ensuring privacy and anonymity of sensitive data.

  • Initiation: Begins upon data entry into the Destination.

  • Process: Essential for removing personal information, comprising:

    • Identification of PII entities.

    • Anonymization of identified PII entities.

    • Substitution of residual PII data with regular expressions.

  • Libraries:

Injection End Point Specifications and Setup: Details the setup and security protocols for secure data transfer.

  • Transmission: After PII removal, data is securely sent to the Anecdote platform via the Injection End Point.

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