Health Check Monitoring

Health Check Monitoring in Airbyte is a crucial feature that ensures the reliability and integrity of your data integration processes. This system provides real-time monitoring and notifications for any issues that arise with your data sources, ensuring prompt response and resolution.

Notifications on Source Failures

  • Immediate Alerts: Airbyte is configured to send immediate notifications in the event of any source failures or disruptions. This allows for quick identification and troubleshooting of issues.

  • Detailed Reports: Notifications include detailed information about the nature of the failure, aiding in rapid diagnosis and resolution.

Successful Collection Monitoring

  • Regular Updates: Airbyte sends regular updates on the successful collection of data from sources. This provides assurance that your data pipeline is functioning correctly.

  • Absence of Updates: In cases where there are no updates or notifications on successful collections for an extended period, Airbyte will alert you. This serves as a precautionary measure to check the continuous flow and integrity of the data collection process.

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