Error Handling

When interfacing with the Direct Data Injection endpoint, it is possible to encounter errors due to various issues such as authentication errors, incorrect data formats, and missing fields. Below is a list of common error responses and their meanings to assist you in troubleshooting:



Unauthorized access. Please provide a valid token.

This error occurs when the PreShared Key (PSK) is not included in the request headers


Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.

The provided PSK does not match our records.


Bad Request. Please ensure your JSON payload is correctly formatted.

This error indicates that the JSON payload could not be parsed. Check that your JSON is valid and properly structured.


'source' field missing. Please include the 'source' field in your request.

The source field is mandatory. Verify that this field is included in your JSON payload.


'records' must be an array. Please provide the 'records' key as an array.”

This error is returned when the records key is present but is not formatted as an array. Ensure that records is an array of record objects.


Each record must include a 'ds' (date) field. Please ensure all records have a 'ds' field.

Each object within the records array must contain a ds field with the datetime information. Ensure this field is included in each record.


Each record must include a 'message' field. Please ensure all records have a 'message' field.

Every record must have a message field with text content. This error signifies that at least one record is missing this field.


The 'ds' field must be in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+TZ. Please correct the 'ds' field format.

The ds field must follow the specified datetime format, including the timezone offset. Check the format and ensure it complies with the specified standard.


The 'message' field must be a string. Please ensure the 'message' field is in the correct format.

This error message indicates that the message field is not a string. Verify the data type of this field.

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