Getting started

Prerequisites: A machine with 2 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 100GB Storage, and internet access.

Files Downloading Instructions: We will provide you with links to download two essential files required for setting up and configuring your Airbyte instance:

  • - This is the primary file used for deploying and configuring your Airbyte instance. Please download and execute this script to initiate the installation process.

  • source.json - This file contains additional data about the sources you have chosen to connect. You will need to fill in the API keys fields to ensure proper connection to your data. This file is a crucial part of the setup and should be handled with special care.

How to download files:

To download the file, please use the wget command in your Command Line Interface (CLI). This simple yet powerful tool effortlessly facilitates the downloading of files from the internet.

wget [File URL]

Startup Script Scenarios:

Installation and Running: Execute the following command to install Docker, Docker Compose, pull Airbyte images, and Anecdote’s custom destination image, and run the Airbyte instance

sudo sh setup

Configuration: Populate the sources.json file with API keys, then execute the command to create all sources listed in the file.

sudo sh config sources.json

Health Check: Use the following command to check the cluster's health and view the status of the last job for each source.

sudo sh health

Help Information: Use the following command to show the information how to use the script.

sudo sh help

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